Krylon Rust Protector Paint Provides Superior Finish

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    Summary: Tom Kraeutler and Leslie Segrete from The Money Pit demo Krylon Rust Protector Paint, which dries in as little as eight minutes for results up to 15 times faster than the competition.

    LESLIE: Hi. I’m Leslie Segrete.

    TOM: I’m Tom Kraeutler from The Money Pit, and you can give any outdoor painting project a perfect protective finish with this Krylon Rust Protector Paint.

    LESLIE: That’s right. It comes in both spray and brush-on formulas and dries in as little as eight minutes, that’s about 15 times faster than the similar products.

    TOM: You can use Krylon Rust Protector Paint directly on metal and you’ll get superior corrosion protection, adhesion, and durability.

    LESLIE: Krylon Rust Protector Paint is available in a wide range of colors, primers, and even special finishes like metallic, hammered, and textured.

    TOM: The rust protector line is available at your local hardware store, or home center, or you can learn more at

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