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    Summary: Learn kitchen renovation tips. Find out about countertop materials such as granite and laminate, and changing kitchen hardware.

    TOM: A brand new kitchen is costly, but you can decorate around the kitchen you have and make it look almost new just by changing a few of the key elements. Here’s where to start.

    Look at the countertop. If your old countertop looks like this, it might be time for a new one. The old tops didn’t stand up that well, but today’s brand new laminate looks a lot better. Look at this laminate. See how we can get curves and bevels, and you can hardly tell that you have a laminate here, it looks just like real stone.

    Another option for tops is solid surfacing. This material is called Corian. It’s got a lot of benefits. Its seamless and if you scratch it you can buff out the scratches and it will look great.

    Here’s a very traditional material that’s coming back. Its granite. Remember, granite is over a million years old and the stuff is virtually indestructible.

    Now, besides the countertop, think about changing your hardware. Your hardware is an easy way to change the look of the entire kitchen. It’s very inexpensive. There’s a tremendous range of choices and colors out there, and it can change the way the whole cabinet looks.

    Now, when you’re done with the hardware, think about the faucets. Again, tremendous color choices out there, and a lot of functionality. Even more energy efficiency because they use less water. So remember, change the tops, change the faucets, change the hardware, and for a fraction of the cost, you’re going to get a brand new-looking kitchen.

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