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Kitchen Renovation: Put in Floor or Cabinets First?

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    LESLIE: Erica in Pennsylvania is on the line looking to renovate a kitchen. How can we help you with that project?

    ERICA: Well, the kitchen is here now. When we first bought this place, I had moved the refrigerator from where it was at to a different location. And I noticed that the tile – there was no tile on the floor underneath the refrigerator. And now I’m ready to continue with the renovation – putting new cabinets in and a new floor in – but I’m thinking, “Do I want to put the floor in first or do I want to put the cabinets in first?”

    TOM: That’s a good question. So, I – what kind of floor, first of all. What kind of floor are you putting in?

    ERICA: Well, what’s down there now is a tile: a linoleum-type tile. What we’re going to do …

    TOM: Right. And we’re talking – so were we talking about ceramic tile?

    ERICA: No, we’re talking about linoleum. But what I want to replace it with is with some of that laminate …

    TOM: Laminate? OK. Well, you know, laminate isn’t terribly expensive, so I would tend to probably, if I was you, do the whole floor first.

    And I mean you can save yourself a foot or two against the wall but frankly, I’d just do the entire room, throw the cabinets on top and call it a day.

    ERICA: That’s what I was wondering. I thought that would make a nicer finish but I got to thinking, “Was that the way I should go?”

    TOM: Yeah. I would do it first. It’s just – it’s a lot less cutting because, otherwise, you have to cut around all of those cabinets.

    ERICA: You’re absolutely right.

    TOM: It’s easier to put the cabinets on top and just drop them down on the floor.

    ERICA: OK.

    TOM: Alright? Well, good luck with that project. And take a look at LumberLiquidators.com. They have great prices on that laminate floor.

    ERICA: Thank you very much. I appreciate that.

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