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Iron Stains on Concrete Asbestos Siding

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    LESLIE: Alright. Now we’ve got Louis from Michigan on the line with a roofing question. What can we do for you?

    LOUIS: The house was built in 1929. The siding – it’s a siding question. The siding is asbestos concrete shingles. We have iron in our well water. When spring – the flowers – the water has accumulated, over the years, on the shingles. Now, one wall of the house now has a golden glow. Any recommendations for removing the iron-golden glow?

    TOM: Well, if it’s siding, you’re going to have to clean it and paint it. That’s the only thing you can really do. You could wash this house down, you can use a TSP – trisodium phosphate. That will tend to take out some of that. But you’re going to end up having to paint this siding.

    The nice thing about asbestos is it lasts forever. The not-so-nice thing about it is it has to be painted forever. But it’s a non-organic product, so it will not rot, it will not fall apart organically. But it doesn’t look very nice and it does absorb a stain and needs to be constantly maintained.

    Because the asbestos is held inside of a cement binder, it’s not a safety risk; it’s just really a maintenance headache.

    LOUIS: Appreciate it. Thank you.

    TOM: Good luck with that project.

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