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    Summary: Trim down your home’s energy consumption and increase indoor air quality with Icynene Spray Foam Insulation. Icynene both insulates and air-seals a structure, expanding up to 100 times its size to fill every nook and cranny of the building envelope.

    TOM: Hey. It’s Tom Kraeutler from The Money Pit and I’m here in New York City with some information on green trends in home improvement.

    I’m going to tell you about a great way to trim down your home’s energy bills and increase air indoor quality by making one single improvement and that is to apply Icynene spray foam insulation. This is a product that both insulates and air-seals a structure because it expands up to 100 times its size to fill every nook and cranny of a home’s building envelope.

    Icynene basically delivers a complete seal. It not only stops air leakage but it also keeps out allergens and pollutants, it dampens noise and it even reduces fire risk in unvented attics. I’ve got a demo box here that kind of shows you the best qualities of these products. Let me explain what you’re seeing.

    You’ve got a heat source on the bottom with these light bulbs and you’ve got a fan. You’re blowing warm air up here through three different types of insulation. We have cellulose insulation, we have fiberglass insulation and we have Icynene.

    If you’ll look, you’ll notice that the air is going right through the cellulose. It’s also going right through the fiberglass insulation. It’s not going through the Icynene. It’s being stopped right there.

    What does this mean? It means if you have warm air on the outside, it’s not getting into your house through the Icynene. If you have cold air on the outside, it’s not getting in through the Icynene.

    Basically, the little bit of temperature difference between fiberglass and even the Icynene itself, even the simple demo, it’s like around 6 to 7 degrees. Imagine if you had 95 degrees in your attic or 100 degrees in your attic, that heat is not going to permeate through into the space below that you’re trying to keep air-conditioned.

    What does that mean? It means that you’re going to cut heat and cooling bills by up to about 50%. That can help you save hundreds of energy dollars every single year.

    Now, installing Icynene spray foam also helps you build a greener and a more comfortable home. You can contact your local Icynene dealer for a free quote. You can also learn more about this energy-saving spray foam insulation at

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