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Install Stucco Over Steel Siding

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    LESLIE: Michael in Nevada finds The Money Pit on The Discovery Channel Radio. How exciting. Tell us what’s going on in your house.

    MICHAEL: Well, hi. I have a steel home and I wanted to make the outside of it look a little more traditional; like a stucco finish.

    TOM: Well, sure, it is. In fact, (chuckling) because it’s a steel home, you’re probably like one of the only homes in America that actually could successfully use an exterior insulated foam siding system. (laughter) That’s that eave system that’s dreaded in the east because people put it on houses that are made of wood and it causes the wood to rot. But it has been used successfully in commercial construction, which is much like – built in the same way that steel homes are built.

    LESLIE: (overlapping voices) That steel homes are.

    TOM: That’s right. If you don’t have organic material, you have less of an issue there. It’s attached to the steel siding and then it’s covered with a stucco-like material – these foam panels that are attached first and it’s covered with it. The most important thing is you want the kind of siding that has drain channels in the back of it so any moisture gets in there it’ll drain out the bottom.

     Installation is key. You really need to find somebody that’s extremely experienced with it because it is a fairly difficult product to install. I think you’re going to find that once it’s installed, it’s drop-dead gorgeous. It is – no one’s ever, you know, complained that the stuff doesn’t look good; just that it holds moisture and it causes wood buildings to rot. But if you don’t have a wood building, then I think you can go ahead and put it on.

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