Inflate Summer Toys and Bicycle Tires: Porter-Cable 18-Volt Inflator

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    Summary: An apartment complex maintenance supervisor reviews a cordless inflator that can inflate everything from car tires to air mattresses. It can also deflate stuff. Get more great tool reviews from real users at

    DARRIN: [Music] Really compact. Everything has got a certain spot that it goes. Like I said, a little bit slower filling up the car tires than I’d have liked. Other than that, yeah, it worked great. [Music ends]

    BARNABY: Hey, what’s up. Barnaby here, so you want to know more about the Porter Cable Inflater. Well I can tell you it works off of a dual chemistry, battery system. We’re talking lithium ion but also nicad, and it’s got a DC port right here for the power point in your car. It also can generate up to 150 PSI, so it’s going to be a versatile, little unit. What we like to do is put it into the hands of somebody that can really field test it, and tell us from the ground up what you thought about the tool, specifically, performance, design, quality, and value. So first of all, tell me about yourself. What do you do?

    DARRIN: I’m a maintenance supervisor for a 264 unit apartment complex.

    BARNABY: Alright, so the phone’s ringing off the hook when somebody has a flat tire. Fix it!

    DARRIN: Yeah. We use it on quite a variety of things on the property actually. It was pretty versatile.

    BARNABY: Yeah, like what?

    DARRIN: We’ve got bikes for the residents to use, so we’re able to check PSI on the bikes, and fill them up or adjust them where they needed to be.

    BARNABY: Sure.

    DARRIN: We use them for filling tires up on the golf cart that we use in our travels around the property. We use them for a couple of car tires.

    BARNABY: Okay, so how long did it take to fill up a car tire?

    DARRIN: Actually, there’s a feature on it where you can set it and walk away, but it probably took a good 5, 6 minutes to fill up the car tire.

    BARNABY: How flat was it?

    DARRIN: It was pretty flat.

    BARNABY: Yeah.

    DARRIN: The rim wasn’t hitting the ground yet, but it was pretty close.

    BARNABY: That’s pretty good volume it’s pushing there, right.

    DARRIN: Yeah. Could be more powerful, but for an emergency or something like that it’d work great.

    BARNABY: Okay. Well and so it also deflates?

    DARRIN: Yep. It’s got 2 different ports, suck and blow there. If you got an air mattress or something like that, you can blow up the air mattress then you can deflate it when you’re done.

    BARNABY: Right. Okay, or just let the kids roll all over it.

    DARRIN: Yeah.

    BARNABY: Okay, so then as far as performance go, pretty good?

    DARRIN: Yeah. Like I said a little bit slower filling up the car tires then I would have liked, but other than that, yeah it worked great. All the different features on it are really nice.

    BARNABY: Yeah. Let’s talk about the design of it. What do you think?

    DARRIN: It’s really lightweight, which is great. Really compact, everything has got a certain spot that it goes. Even the different accessories that come with it got spots in the back for it to go.

    BARNABY: Let’s pull this hose out and see just how. Oh, so really just clips on there, right?

    DARRIN: Yep. Just clips on there. The cord on the bottom has a nice spot for it to plug in.

    BARNABY: How long is that cord?

    DARRIN: About 10 foot.

    BARNABY: But by in-large part, it’s portable. You’re not attached to the cord because you got the battery system right there, right?

    DARRIN: Yeah. Exactly.

    BARNABY: How about battery life on it?

    DARRIN: Seemed to work great. We charge batteries pretty regularly, so I never actually let it die, but for filling up the car tire it worked just fine.

    BARNABY: Well, let’s hear it roar here for a second. Huh, okay, so it’s got a little bit of a scream to it.

    DARRIN: Yeah, a little bit loud, but especially in an emergency or something like that it’s good trade-off.

    BARNABY: Okay, then like you said, it also does bike tires. That’s nestled in here somewhere.

    DARRIN: Yeah. Bike tires, car tires, any kind of tire you can think of.

    BARNABY: Okay. Alright then. What about the quality of it? Because it’s a machine that could be in a trunk waiting for that moment to shine, or it could be in the back of your golf cart banging around.

    DARRIN: Yeah.

    BARNABY: I’m just worried about, or wondering I should say, whether or not it will last.

    DARRIN: I think it will last. It’s not a tool you’re going to have out every single day. You can find a good storage spot for it. It seems to pretty well built. I think it will last a long time.

    BARNABY: Okay. Well once anybody is bitten by the flat tire bug, they always think I’ve got and get me an inflater. Now the question is, which kind? Would this be the one you’d recommend?

    DARRIN: I think so. Like I said, all the features are really great on it, and it worked for everything we needed to do. I definitely recommend it.

    BARNABY: Unless you’re a tow truck operator filling up car tires all the time.

    DARRIN: Yeah. I don’t think I’d do car tires all the time.

    BARNABY: It’s always good to know before you go, right., real stats, real people, making it real easy to figure out which tool is right for you. [Music]

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