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Hydroseed vs Sod

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    LESLIE: Next up, a call from Dan in Nebraska who listens to us on KFOR.

    Dan, how can we help?

    DAN: Well, I just had a few questions about hydro seed versus sod.

    TOM: Well, I have a little bit of experience with that and I’d be happy to give you some background. Hydro seed is basically a procedure where – it’s done a lot in new construction where the soil is freshly graded and then you have to get a lot of seed done all at once and it’s sprayed on. It’s kind of like spray painting your lawn.

    LESLIE: Is it like that green, fluffy stuff?

    TOM: Yes, it’s like this green, fleshy-looking stuff that they spray all over the lawn and it holds the seed down so that it doesn’t blow away. It’s supposed to be less likely to be eaten by birds and such. But it is seed and you have to grow it from scratch and there’s only certain times of the year when you can really do that. I mean like if you tried to plant seed in the middle of summer, it would just be too hot and it would burn out.

    LESLIE: Oh, it’s going to bake.

    TOM: Right. So sod certainly can be done. You know, maybe it’s not a great idea to put that in in August but, still, it’s certainly a lot more forgiving.

    LESLIE: Plus it’s the instant gratification. You put sod down, you have a beautiful lawn.

    TOM: Exactly. But the key, in either case, is frequent watering. While that’s starting to knit and take root, you’ve got to water it a lot. So it’ll work. It’s going to take longer for the seed to grow and, like Leslie said, sod is a lot quicker to the end result. And you also are going to have a lot less chances of getting weeds that drop into that as it’s all growing as well.

    DAN: I appreciate your answer.

    TOM: You’re very welcome. Thanks so much for calling us at 1-888-MONEY-PIT.

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