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How to Winterize Shrubs

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    LESLIE: Well, winter can be rough on your outdoor shrubs and plants. Heck, it’s rough on me. (Tom chuckles) So if you want to protect your landscaping, there are some steps that you can take.

    TOM: That’s right, and here to tell us just what to do are our friends from Ask This Old House. Welcome, Kevin O’Connor, host, and landscaping expert, Roger Cook. These are two guys that know a thing or two about cold weather; right, Kev?

    KEVIN: You got that right. In New England and many parts of the country, we’re used to long, cold winters. And while we may be able to survive the snow and ice, our landscaping shrubs may not.

    Roger, any tips on helping these plants make it through the long, hard, cold winter?

    ROGER: There are two main problems in the winter time: cold and snow load. Cold weather and strong winds can strip the shrubs of precious moisture. To prevent this, use burlap, antidesiccant sprays or a rose cone; especially on tender and newly-planted material. To prevent damage from heavy snow loads, tie them up with jute or create a wooden shelter, like an A-frame, to protect the fragile branches.

    KEVIN: How about container plants? What do you recommend for getting them through the winter?

    ROGER: Two things you can do with a container plant: you can either bring it into an unheated garage; or dig a hole, put the container in it and then put mulch or wood chips on top of it to insulate it from the cold.

    KEVIN: Alright. So for more information and videos on over-wintering plants and shrubs, visit us at ThisOldHouse.com.

    TOM: If it was only that easy for us to make it through the winter. (Tom and Kevin chuckle) Kevin O’Connor, Roger Cook, thanks for stopping by The Money Pit.

    ROGER: Been our pleasure.

    KEVIN: Always good to be here, Tom.

    LESLIE: (chuckling) Good tips, guys; especially if you worked really hard to have a beautifully-landscaped yard. You want to make sure that you preserve everything, your shrubs and your plants, so that they’ll look good in the spring.

    TOM: Well, you can get more great yard care advice by watching Kevin and Roger on Ask This Old House which is brought to you by GE. GE is a proud sponsor of Ask This Old House. GE – imagination at work.

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