How to Repair Loose Gutters

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    LESLIE: Russell in Ohio finds The Money Pit on Discovery Radio. What can we do for you?

    RUSSELL: I was wondering … I have a problem with my gutters. The board that the gutter is actually attached to is rotting in some places. And I’m wondering is that something I can do myself and how difficult that is. And is there a special type of pressure-treated lumber or something I have to use for that?

    TOM: It definitely is a do-it-yourself job. But, Russ, get a friend, OK? Because …

    LESLIE: Yeah, because it’s a big job.

    TOM: Now, as far as the wood that the gutter’s attached to – I would not replace that with pressure-treated lumber. I would replace that with a material called AZEK – A-Z-E-K – AZEK.


    TOM: It’s extruded polyvinylchloride. It’s extruded PVC. The same PVC that plumbing pipe is made out of; except it looks and it feels and it cuts just like real wood. But it’s completely impervious to water.

    LESLIE: So it’ll really stand up.

    TOM: But the AZEK is a really good solution.

    Now, another trick of the trade is, Russ, when it comes time to putting the gutter back up, don’t use the gutter spikes. Don’t use the nails. Use gutter bolts; gutter lag bolts. They’re very long screws – usually square-headed screws – that have like a lag bolt end on it. And that really puts it in tight to the AZEK and you never have to worry about them loosening or coming off.

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