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    LESLIE: Now we’re going to go to Nevada where Michael has aluminum siding that’s losing its paint.

    What’s going on?

    MICHAEL: What’s happening is the paint is peeling off and I’m down to parts where it’s bare aluminum and I notice that there is no primer underneath.

    LESLIE: Well, that’s probably why it’s peeling off. Because, generally, you get paint peeling if there’s too many layers of paint and then it can’t actually stick to the surface anymore. But what you’re having is that there’s nothing there to help that paint get the adhesion that it needs.

    MICHAEL: No, I’m just wondering is there a way I could like maybe feather – you know, chip off the old paint in the portions that it’s peeling and rough up the actual, shiny aluminum; put a primer on and match the paint and just paint over those areas?

    LESLIE: I think you absolutely can. What you need to do, though, is make sure you get rid of all the paint that’s peeling til you get to a secure point where it’s not peeling. And you want to make sure that if there’s any lift at all to where the paint is starting to not peel, if there’s any space where air and water can kind of get under that, it’s just going to continue to peel. So you need to make sure you get it to a really secure area. And you want to remove it either with like a light wire brush or a power washer on very sort of gently pressure washing because if you use too much pressure, you’re going to dent and ding that aluminum siding.

    And when you finally get it to a place where you’re happy, you want to make sure you use an oil-based exterior primer because that will really give you the best adhesion.

    MICHAEL: OK. And then I can just get an exterior paint to match the color?

    LESLIE: Right. Then you can get – even you know what? Take one of those paint chips that you’re peeling off …

    MICHAEL: Right.

    LESLIE: And bring that to your local home center because they can scan that and match that exact tint.

    MICHAEL: Great. Because it has faded a little bit. Again, it gets so hot here.

    LESLIE: And the sun changes the color as well.

    MICHAEL: Exactly. Right.

    TOM: And you can order the sun-faded yellow or whatever color it is. (chuckles)

    LESLIE: Yeah, they need about a chip that’s like a 1-inch; like 1 inch square. So save a pretty big chip.

    MICHAEL: OK, I’m just wondering if I’d have to have it all replaced or …?

    TOM: No, not at all, Michael. You can repaint it. And by the way, when you repaint it, make sure that paint is sprayed on, not brushed on. Because it helps get into all the nooks and crannies.

    MICHAEL: OK, fine.

    TOM: Alright?

    MICHAEL: That’s great.

    TOM: Thank you so much for calling us at 1-888-MONEY-PIT, 888-666-3974.

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