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How to Refinish a Concrete Driveway

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    LESLIE: Now we’ve got Louis in South Carolina on the line who’s got a driveway question.

    LOUIS: I’ve got about a 20-year-old driveway and the gravel apparently didn’t get shook down good.

    TOM: OK. OK.

    LOUIS: And the rocks are showing through.

    TOM: OK.

    LOUIS: And I put some salt on it one time and that didn’t help it.

    TOM: No. That made it worse, I’m sure.

    LOUIS: And what I need is – I was hoping I could finish it with something that would bond to it rather than just having to redo the whole driveway.

    TOM: Yep. OK. So, you can use an epoxy patching compound and trowel that on the driveway. Epoxy is important because epoxy will adhere to the concrete surface.

    LOUIS: And where would you get something like that?

    TOM: Oh, you can find that at a home center. If you take a look at QUIKRETE – Q-U-I-K-R-E-T-E – QUIKRETE.com, they make that product, as do others.

    LOUIS: And I could find a contractor somewhere that could do that?

    TOM: Yes, you could or you could do it yourself, depending on your skill level. But essentially, the epoxy is important because it will attach and glue and adhere to the old concrete.

    LOUIS: Right.

    TOM: If you just try to put more concrete on there, it’s not going to work right.

    LOUIS: It won’t crack and flake off?

    TOM: No. That’s why – it’s designed to stick to old concrete surfaces and not flake off.

    LOUIS: Well, I sure appreciate your helping me.

    TOM: You’re very welcome, sir. Good luck with that project.

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