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    LESLIE: Now we’re going to talk to Skip about putting in a new tub.

    Skip, welcome. How can we help?

    SKIP: Yeah, I’ve got a new tub that I’m putting in and everything I read says that I should put some kind of plaster down or something like that under the – on the subfloor. Now it’s a new Vikrell tub and I pulled out an old cast iron tub. But I’m on my foundation. Do I still need to put something down underneath it?

    TOM: Yes. And the reason is because that new tub is probably more flexible than the stiff, old, cast iron tub that you took out of it. So you have to mix – put some cement down to help support that. And typically, the way most contractors do it is they mix up a fairly stiff mix of cement and they put it right on the floor and then they sort of wiggle the tub into place. So once it dries, you get good structural support over that whole tub bottom and that makes sure that if you step in it or it gets weak, it’s not going to crack on you. So that’s why they’re telling you to put that material down first.

    SKIP: OK. Even though it has – it has some little studs that come down to the floor.

    LESLIE: Well, the little studs will help it grab into that new cement so that it really forms an even platform.

    SKIP: OK.

    TOM: It helps it become one. But you’re going to get much better support if you do it that way.

    SKIP: The new tub is about an inch shorter in length than the old tub. How do I make up that difference against the studs where I’m going to be putting my greenboard at?

    TOM: What you need to do is you’re going to have to get creative. You’re going to have to figure out a way of extending the wall, if you want to give up the whole inch of the wall, or you’re going to have to build some sort of a lip that perhaps you tile over or trim over in some way. That’s about all you can do. Now if it’s only an inch, couldn’t you just, say, double up the wallboard on each side and make up that space?

    SKIP: Yeah, that’s what I was thinking is maybe just putting a piece of plywood behind it and then covering it with greenboard or just putting two layers of greenboard (overlapping voices, inaudible) wall.

    TOM: Exactly, exactly. Yeah, if it’s only an inch, I would just double up the drywall or, as you say, sheathe it with something else first.

    SKIP: Well great, that helps me out tremendously. I appreciate y’all’s help. Thank you for having me on the show.

    TOM: You’re very welcome, Skip. Thanks so much for calling us at 1-888-MONEY-PIT.

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