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How to Paint a Porch Floor

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    LESLIE: Tommy in Kansas wants to talk about paint on a porch. What can we do to help you with the project?

    TOMMY: Yeah, I just had a question as far as painting the porch floor. What would be the best type of paint for outside?

    LESLIE: Well, what’s your porch made out of?

    TOMMY: It’s wood.

    TOM: You know, Tommy, I would definitely use an oil-based paint. And the reason is oil-based paints are far more durable that water-based paints. And for a floor application that’s definitely the only way to go. And in fact, if you have any kinds of slippery issues you could actually add an additive to that paint that’s an anti-skid additive that adds some sand surface to it as well.

    TOMMY: OK, that sounds perfect. That’s exactly what I was wanting to know.

    TOM: Good. Tommy, thanks so much for calling us at 888-MONEY-PIT.

    TOMMY: I appreciate it. 

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