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How to Measure for Replacement Windows

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    LESLIE: Looks like John in Maryland is looking for some new windows. How can we help you with the process?

    JOHN: Yeah, I have an older home that I’m trying to refurbish and it does have some really inefficient double-hung wooden windows that are leaking. They’re very inefficient to start with. I’m trying to buy some new ones but I’m wondering how to measure for the new ones; the replacement windows. Do you measure from the outside edge of the glass or the outside of the actual wooden frame of the window or …?

    TOM: No, here’s what you do. Now imagine that if you’re going to put these replacement windows in you’re going to remove the sashes; that’s the part that slides up and down.

    LESLIE: The operable pieces.

    JOHN: Correct.

    TOM: So the new window basically goes from inside jamb to inside jamb; side to side and top to bottom. So that’s how you measure it. But what I would recommend you do is choose the window first; go to the home center or the window company and get the specific instructions on how they want you to measure windows because they’re going to tell you exactly where to put that tape and how much wiggle room to give yourself because, generally, you’re going to order a size that’s maybe a quarter-of-an-inch less or so just in case the old window is a little bit out of square; it’ll help you get the new window in.

    JOHN: I see. So each company may have a little bit different …

    TOM: Slightly, but generally speaking, it’s inside jamb to inside jamb. But I know that these window companies have specific advice that they will give you. It’s either …

    LESLIE: Oh God, they spell it out.

    TOM: Yeah, and that will just be the easiest thing just to make sure you’re very comfortable. And by the way, you may even want to ask these folks to come and do the measuring for you. This way they’re responsible if it doesn’t fit.

    JOHN: I see. That’s a good way to do it. OK, well thanks a lot. I appreciate it.

    TOM: You’re welcome. Thanks so much for calling us at 888-MONEY-PIT and replacing old, double-hung, single-pane wood windows is certainly a good thing to do.

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