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How to Install a Plastic Guide for Floating Closet Doors

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    LESLIE: Tony in Oregon needs some help installing a closet door. Tell us about your project.

    TONY: I had a Pergo floor installed in one of my bedrooms and by one of the home improvement stores. And the one thing they didn’t do is install the closet guides for the floating-style closet doors, because they’d have to do something to the floor. And so my question is: what’s the right way for me to put that plastic guide at the bottom of the floor? How do I mount that to the Pergo without doing damage?

    TOM: So, do the doors slide well? They seem – they don’t have to be trimmed or anything?

    TONY: Right. Yeah, they slide fine there.

    TOM: OK. So, it’s pretty simple. I mean what you do is you position the plastic guide right where you think it needs to be, make sure you leave enough room, you know, so the doors can slide easily.

    TONY: Yep.

    TOM: You want to mark the holes where the guide would be attached to the floor. And then you just want to pilot-drill out the laminate floor and then screw right through the guide into the pilot hole and secure that down.

    TONY: OK.

    TOM: The laminate floor would be – is pretty easy to drill.

    TONY: Yep.

    TOM: Alright? Just make sure you get it right the first time as, otherwise, you’re going to have extra holes in your floor.

    TONY: OK. I had heard that I should use a contact adhesive or things like that and so I …

    TOM: No, there’s no reason that you can’t drill into the laminate floor, none whatsoever.

    TONY: That makes a lot more sense to me. Thanks a lot.

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