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How to Flash a Gable

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    LESLIE: Bob in Oregon, you’ve got The Money Pit. How can we help you today?

    BOB: What I have is I have a gable roof that is going into an existing roof, that is going into another gable of the new building. And I know – want to know how to flash it where the roof line meets the new gable.

    TOM: Yeah. And so any time you have an intersecting roof section like that, there’s a couple of ways to flash it but the best thing is there’s a product from Grace, which is a flexible flashing material. And you would put down Ice & Water Shield and then you would put the flashing material on top of that and then you would roof over that.

    BOB: Well, now, on this existing building, I wasn’t going to put a new roof.

    TOM: Well, what you have to do is you’re going to have to pull up a few shingles to make the intersection then.

    BOB: OK. So how far back do I need to go back on those – on the old shingles?

    TOM: About 3 feet; 2 to 3 feet.

    BOB: OK.

    TOM: Because you want to make sure that you get that intersection done just right.

    BOB: Alright. I think – and how tall is the flashing itself that goes up against the gable?

    TOM: The flashing itself – you know, it can kind of work its way up the wall, so it can go up about 12 inches.

    BOB: OK. Well I think that’ll work then.

    TOM: Alright. Well good luck with that project. Thanks so much for calling us at 888-MONEY-PIT.

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