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How to Drill Through Concrete Board

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    LESLIE: Next up, a drywall situation from Lu in Florida.

    Lu, how can we help?

    LU: Well it’s not drywall; it’s a rockwall, 3/8 concrete board.


    TOM: Over tile or something?

    LU: When we go to set the nails, they will not go in the board.

    LESLIE: So you’re not getting through the board at all.

    LU: Right. A few of them will break it but they’ll go right to where they stick out and that’s it.

    TOM: Why don’t you pilot drill that board?

    LU: Before we put the screw in?

    TOM: Exactly. Yeah, why don’t you pilot it?

    LU: Well you know, I was a little bit leery of it then someone suggested taking a concrete bit and just touch it.

    TOM: Exactly. Just get a thin, concrete bit, 1/8-inch or something like that, and pilot drill that; with a carbide tip on it. You don’t have to use a hammer drill. I think you’re going to find that it’s pretty soft. OK?

    LU: OK.

    TOM: Alright. Thanks so much for calling us at 1-888-MONEY-PIT.

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