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How to Clean a Dishwasher

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    LESLIE: Next up, we’re taking a call from Faye in Virginia who we’re told has quite a funny story.

    Lay it on us, Faye.

    FAYE: Well, my husband had burnt up one of the iron skillets. And instead of washing it up before he did anything else, he put it in the dishwasher.

    LESLIE: With all the grease in it and everything?

    FAYE: With all the grease. And now I’ve got grease-covered dishwasher down in the bottom and every time I go to wash my dishes, everything gets black specks.

    LESLIE: It’s a reverse dishwasher.

    FAYE: Yeah, it is. It just makes it greasy. (chuckles)

    TOM: Have you tried to run it empty a couple of times?

    FAYE: No, not empty. I’ve run it with dishes.

    TOM: Why don’t you run it through some empty cycles so like the dishwasher washes the dishwasher?

    LESLIE: What if you were to put some vinegar in it?

    FAYE: Well I thought about that. That might work. It’s certainly worth a try.

    TOM: Yeah, you’ve got to break down that grease. But if you use super-hot water, it’ll probably break it down and clean it out. You could try goosing your water heater a little bit, too, if you want to throw your water heater up so it gets a little hotter. But just be sure to remember to turn it back down again or you’re going to get scalded.

    FAYE: That sounds like a good idea.

    TOM: Yeah, and on the dishwasher controls, sometimes it has water heater – like hot water boosters.

    FAYE: Right, it does.

    TOM: So make sure all that is on.

    FAYE: OK.

    TOM: If it has a hot water booster, you don’t need to touch the water heater.

    FAYE: That sounds good, that sounds good.

    TOM: Alright. Thanks, Faye. Thanks so much for calling us at 1-888-MONEY-PIT, 888-666-3974; the website, MoneyPit.com.

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