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How to Clean a Blackened Galvanized Metal Sink

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    LESLIE: Lydia in Massachusetts on the line with a sink question. What’s going on?

    LYDIA: Well, we have three attached, very old, galvanized sinks at the church. And they are unsightly, they’re blackened. And I was wondering if you had any idea on how to clean them.

    TOM: So, they’re galvanized but there’s no other finish to them?

    LYDIA: There’s no other finish.

    TOM: Probably a lot of years of water stains in there, I would imagine. They sort of like brownish, rust kind of color to them?

    LYDIA: Black.

    TOM: Black, yeah, even worse. Even worse yet.

    Well, I guess the first thing I would try would be an abrasive powder and steel wool because you’re going to have to abrade them. If you don’t get something that’s pretty aggressive, you’re not going to get anything off of that. So I would use something like Comet and steel wool and see how that works.

    But typically, what happens with those old, metal sinks is the metal just becomes discolored. So it’s not something that’s laying on top, like a stain that you can wipe away. The metal itself becomes discolored.

    LYDIA: OK. Well, thank you very much for your help.

    TOM: Alright. Good luck with that project. Thanks so much for calling us at 888-MONEY-PIT.

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