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How to Clean and Paint a Garage Floor

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    LESLIE: Paul in Florida’s got a dirty problem in the garage. What’s going on?

    PAUL: Well, I was looking to, you know, put one of those painted surfaces on the garage floor?

    TOM: OK.

    PAUL: And you know, it’s got oil stains on the floor and I was just wondering what would be the best way to get rid of the oil stains so that the painted – you know, the painted surface will be able to stick or adhere better.

    LESLIE: Well Tom, there’s a lot of epoxy coatings out there right now. They seem to be the hot item for garages. But do you need to clean the oil stain before you apply the epoxy?

    TOM: Well, you do and some of the epoxy systems – I know QUIKRETE has one that comes with a cleaner. They’re actually matching the paints and the cleaners together for this very problem, Paul. Basically, you use the cleaner first, which etches the surface and gives you a good, neutral surface that the paint can attach to and then you use the epoxy coating on top of that.

    LESLIE: Yeah, and what’s really cool is it’s all coming in a kit for you, Paul. And it even comes with an instructional DVD so if you have any questions or any concerns it’ll address all of that for you so you do a great job that lasts and lasts.

    PAUL: Oh, alright. Thank you. I appreciate that.

    TOM: You’re welcome, Paul. Thanks so much for calling us at 888-MONEY-PIT. 888-666-3974.

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