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How to Build a Bunk Bed in a Truck

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    LESLIE: Alright. We’ve got Anthony in Tennessee on the line. How can we help you today?

    ANTHONY: Yeah, I’ve got a ’99 379 Peterbilt and it’s got one bed in it. And we pretty much live in the truck and we’re wanting to turn that one bed into a bunk bed. We tried to widen it and it didn’t work out too good. So I’ve got to go right weight, because I’ve heavy and the truck’s real heavy. So if I do it in 2x4s, it’s going to be a real heavy, heavy truck.

    TOM: Anthony, you know what comes to mind, that I think would be a good solution for you, is a metal bunk bed – an army cot bunk bed. The army cots, if you just Google “army cots and bunk beds,” you will see a wide variety of metal bunk beds that are stackable. And they certainly have them in light-duty to heavy-duty designs.

    They’re not terribly expensive. I see them online for $300, $400, $500. And they’re not very heavy and they’re super-strong and they can be two, full, twin-size beds stacked one on top of another.

    ANTHONY: OK. Well, the bed that’s in here, the frame of that bed is part of the truck.

    TOM: So it has to sit on top of that, correct?

    ANTHONY: Yeah, I have to set something into that framework above my bed.

    TOM: Right. So then maybe what you want is just basically one half of that cot-style bunk bed. And then you have to build supports to get it up in the air for the space. So I would take a look at these metal bunk beds online.


    TOM: I think you’re going to find your solution there and it’s going to be a lot easier to deal with than trying to frame something out of wood.

    ANTHONY: Yeah, because then I could just set it in place and mount it to my bed.

    TOM: Exactly.

    ANTHONY: Yeah, I hadn’t thought of that.

    TOM: Alright, Anthony. Well, I’m glad we helped you out. And I’ve got to say, this is one very unusual question for us and I’m glad we were able to come up with a solution.

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