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How to Add Windows to a Shed

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    LESLIE: Esther in South Dakota, you’ve got The Money Pit. How can we help you today?

    ESTHER: Well, you can tell me how I can put little windows into a metal garden shed.

    TOM: Oh, OK. So, it’s just a single-wall metal shed?

    ESTHER: It is. It’s like overlapping metal sheets.

    TOM: Yeah. Hmm. Why do you want to put the windows in there? Just for light?

    ESTHER: For light and also because if we put shutters on the outside of them, they’re dressed up and it’ll look kind of cute from the outside.

    TOM: And it looks pretty, right? Yeah.

    If you purchase very inexpensive, new-construction style windows – new-construction style windows have sort of a fin – a nailing fin – on the outside of it, like a strip that surrounds it. If you were to do that and you cut the hole in the wall to just fit around the outside of the window and install the window backwards – in other words, instead of putting it in from the front and covering it with siding, you’re going to start on the inside and mount it there and then stick it sort of through the hole that you cut, that fits around the window. And then you could bolt them in place and then cover the bolts with the shutters. That would be the way to create the illusion that the windows were built into the shed.

    So, just to review, you would purchase a very inexpensive window, because we’re not in the least bit concerned about energy efficiency; this is just for show. Make sure it has a nailing flange around the outside of it: sort of this fin that sticks out. Cut the hole in the metal wall that’s the exact size of the window, insert the window from the back and then the nailing flange that’s on the back you can bolt in to the metal that’s all the way around. And then you would cover those bolts with the shutters. And you’ll have to caulk it to make sure it’s watertight.

    ESTHER: Oh, sure. Great. OK. Well, thank you.

    TOM: You’re welcome. Thanks so much for calling us at 888-MONEY-PIT.

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