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How to Add a Humidifier to a Heating System

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    LESLIE: Ben in North Dakota is on the line and looking to solve a humidity situation in his home. What’s going on?

    BEN: Yeah, what’s going on is I need to put 3 gallons of water through my humidifiers a day. Five is better. How could I make it so I don’t need to use so much water in my humidifiers?

    LESLIE: Are you using portable humidifiers in each room? Or how are you currently humidifying your home?

    BEN: I have two humidifiers for the bedrooms and then I have a large house one for the rest.

    TOM: And do you have a humidifier that’s built into your heating system?

    BEN: No, I don’t. I was looking at one of those but that’s a little out of my budget for this year.

    TOM: OK. Well, I mean that’s clearly the most efficient way to humidify your house. If you take a look at a good-quality humidifier that’s built into the heating system, it’s actually going to measure the outside temperature and the inside temperature and calculate exactly how much water you need to humidify the house and deliver that right to the return duct, where it can be circulated throughout the house. Until you do that, you’re always going to be faced with having to refill portable humidifiers over and over and over again. And they’re probably not going to humidify as effectively as a whole-home one would.

    I would take a look at a unit like the ones that are made by Aprilaire. I like those because they’re – I was a home inspector for 20 years and the Aprilaire units are the only ones that I found that were old and still working. So, I’m – I’ve got a lot of respect for that brand, in terms of their capacity to do the job and do it on an ongoing basis.

    BEN: That sounds great.

    TOM: Alright, Ben. Good luck with that project. Thanks so much for calling us at 888-MONEY-PIT.

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