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    How to Replace a Toilet Handle

    A loose or old-fashioned toilet handle can keep your bathroom from looking its best. Replacing it is a simple inexpensive DIY project that will give your toilet a brand-new look. To complete this project, you’ll need 15 minutes to an hour and a few basic supplies.


    • Tongue & Groove Pliers
    • New Toilet Handle

    When taking on this DIY task, be sure to equip yourself with the proper safety gear. We’ll let you know throughout the video when you should and should not use the safety gear.


    Unscrew old handle. Remove the toilet tank lid and unscrew the nut from the back of the handle located inside the toilet tank. You may need to use tongue and groove pliers to get a better grip.


    Remove old handle. Detach the chain from the arm inside the tank, then remove the handle arm. Be sure to leave the other end of the chain connected to the flapper valve inside the tank.


    Install new handle. Disconnect the plastic nut from the new handle and remove it from the arm. Slide the end of the arm through the handle hole in the toilet tank. Slide the nut back onto the arm, and tighten it using your hand. Reconnect the disconnected end of the chain to one of the holes on the new arm. Choose a hole that allows the arm to lift the chain and flapper valve without the top of the arm interfering with the top of the toilet tank.

    Your installation is complete!

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