How to Replace a Door Lockset | Video

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    A new entry door lockset provides a modern upgrade to the front door of your home that can also boost security. If you think you need to hire a locksmith for this job, think again. Installing a new lockset in your front door is a beginner’s level project you can do on your own in just 15 minutes to an hour. How much you spend depends on the lockset you decide to purchase. You’ll only need two items to complete this project:


      • Screwdriver
      • Entry Door Lockset Kit



    Install latch and deadbolt. Choose the best latch and deadbolt faceplates for your door from the ones provided in your assembly kit. Attach the base plates to the latch and deadbolt. Screw the deadbolt into the top location and the latch into the bottom.


    Install the handleset and deadbolt. Interlock the deadbolt housing through the installed deadbolt, making sure the keyhole is on the outside of the door. Hand tighten the screws provided in your kit. Then position the handle to your liking. Interlock the interior and exterior pieces of the handle or knob with the keyhole on the outside of the door. Then hand tighten your screws.


    Install strike. Screw the strike plates for the deadbolt and the latch into the doorjamb. If a reinforcement plate is provided in your kit, screw that in, as well, for added security before installing the deadbolt strike.

    Your installation is complete!

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