Make It Yours with Krylon Covermaxx & Supermaxx Spray Paints | Video

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    Krylon COVERMAXX is the only general purpose paint with rust protection, for indoor and outdoor use. It provides premium coverage and superior color, as well as excellent adhesion and durability, and can be used on metal, wood, plastic and more. Krylon COVERMAXX has the fastest dry time — 10 minutes or less — in the general purpose aerosol paint category. It features the conical Easy Push Spray Tip, offering two times less finger pressure than competitive products.

    With no sanding or priming required, Krylon SUPERMAXX is everything you expect from a premium paint. And more. Superbond technology bonds to almost any surface, including laminate, melamine and plexiglass. Krylon SUPERMAXX can also be used on metal, bare wood, wicker, plastic and more. This spray paint provides tough, durable performance and maximum rust protection, as well as an Easy Push Spray Tip that offers two times less finger fatigue. Learn more at

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