Flooring Options: Vinyl, Laminate, Tile

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    Summary: Learn about flooring options. Find out about installing vinyl, laminate and tile floors.

    TOM: Flooring is a real popular project this time of year. In a word, vinyl is flexible. It’s flexible in design, and it’s a soft, easy material to install, easy to cut, easy to lay it down, and a nice-looking product.

    If you want something, though, that’s a little more durable, think about laminate flooring. This is neat stuff. You can picture any kind of flooring. Take that photograph and add it to medium-density fiberboard. You’ve got laminate flooring. What I like about this is it’s so easy to install. Look at these boards. They actually lock together. There’s no glue involved. You choose your flooring. You lock it together, and you’re done. It comes looking like ceramic. It comes looking like slate. It even looks like real wood.

    But if you really want the real McCoy, you’ve got to talk about real tile, real slate. You’ve got this stuff. Real tile is very, very hard to install, though. You have to put in a real strong backing on it. You have to have underlayment. Otherwise, it’s going to crack.

    But if you want the best of all of these worlds, there’s a new product out which is called Edge Precision Tile. And watch this. This is real tile. It also comes in marble. It’s on a fiberboard back.

    But you don’t have to worry about that messy installation. This stuff simply locks together, just like that. You can install a tile floor as easy as putting together a puzzle, now with just a little bit of grout, which comes in like a caulking tube. You can actually cut this with a diamond blade. You can turn yourself into a do-it-yourself tile pro overnight.

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