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    Dry firewood is good firewood. Keep yours free from moisture with a sturdy firewood rack that doubles as an outdoor table. Building one is perfect for those new to DIY. Here’s what you’ll need for this inexpensive project:


    • Miter or Circ Saw
    • Power Drill/Driver
    • 3- 2” x 6” x 8’ Pine
    • 2- 2” x 4” x 8’ Pine
    • Wood Glue
    • 2 ½” Outdoor Screws
    • Sandpaper/Power Sander
    • Stain
    • Outdoor Polyurethane
    • Clamps


    When taking on this DIY task, be sure to equip yourself with the proper safety gear. Throughout the video, we’ll alert you regarding when you should and should not use the safety gear.



    Cut wood. Start by cutting your wood to size. The top of your firewood rack will be made from three 2x6s, each 44 inches long. The base will be made of two 2x6s, each 47 ½ inches long. The four 2×4 support pieces are each 13 inches long. And the four legs are 34 inch 2x4s.


    Assemble legs. Mark three inches from the bottom of each leg. And apply glue to both ends of two support pieces. Place one support piece flush with the legs, the other at the three inch mark, and secure with a clamp. Confirm they’re properly aligned with a quick square and fasten with wood screws. Repeat the same process for the second leg.


    Attach top. Place the longer boards on a flat surface. Using a combination square as your guide, mark a quarter inch from each edge. Apply glue to the top of the first leg. Adhere according to your markings and fasten with screws. Repeat this process for the second leg, and flip the rack over.


    Attach bottom wood rack. Apply glue to the remaining boards. Place them on the base supports and fasten with screws.


    Sand. Sand until smooth, progressing from 80 grit sandpaper to 150 grit.


    Finish. Stain or paint your firewood rack to your liking. Then apply three coats of outdoor-rated polyurethane, sanding lightly with fine sandpaper in between coats.


    Your build is complete. Step back and admire your new firewood rack.


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