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Hanging Wallpaper Over Wallpaper

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    LESLIE: Jeanette in Utah needs some help putting up some wallpaper. Tell us about your project.

    JEANETTE: First of all, it’s an eight-foot – I mean a ten-foot ceiling. And the house is over 100 years old and it has layers and layers of wallpaper already. And so I’m not sure how to, first of all, get it straight with that tall of a ceiling and do I need to peel off the layers and layers of wallpaper.

    LESLIE: Hmm. In what condition is the wallpaper that is currently on your wall? Is it really super-duper-duper stuck there and there’s like nothing peeling or falling away?

    JEANETTE: It’s dated and it’s starting to peel.

    LESLIE: In my own home, I wallpapered over wallpaper. I made sure I got a super-sticky adhesive and it’s worked fantastically well; knock on wood. I haven’t seen anything peeling up; I haven’t seen any changes; I haven’t seen anything. And that wallpaper was in very good condition. It was stuck on there very, very well. We had a couple of places where there were tears and peels only because of moving incidents or the previous owners had some children that may have peeled at a seam here and there and it is currently adhering very well and we’ve had it for a year now.

    So I say if the base is sturdy and adhered well, you can absolutely wallpaper over it. Because especially dealing with so many layers; if you try to strip, it’s going to take ages and ages and ages.

    JEANETTE: OK. Well, that’s great.

    TOM: Alright, Jeanette. Thanks so much for calling us at 888-MONEY-PIT.

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