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Glue on Carpet: Clean or Replace?

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    LESLIE: Janine in Texas has a mess that is giving her a hard time cleaning up. How did you get the glue on the carpet, young lady?

    JANINE: Well, first of all, it’s a rent house so we don’t know and we’re not certain that it is glue. It’s in front of one closet door (Tom chuckles) and then it’s in – kind of in the pathway between the kitchen and the living room.
    TOM: Man, what project were they doing there? (Janine groans)
    LESLIE: It sounds like a lot.
    JANINE: (overlapping voices) Too many bad things. But any idea what might take up something that’s dried that hard that is like glue.
    TOM: Well, you can’t really soften the glue. It’s almost impossible to do. So what we have to talk about here is some options for strategic replacement. Now you mentioned that one area was in front of the closet. Does the carpet happen to extend into the closet?
    JANINE: Yes, it does.
    TOM: OK, because the carpet that’s in the closet could become the patch material. If you were to cut the carpet in front of the closet and have it professionally seamed, a good carpet installer can do this.
    LESLIE: You would never even notice.
    TOM: Yeah, it’d be absolutely invisible.
    JANINE: Right.
    TOM: So that’s one option. Where is the second area? You said in the hallway?
    JANINE: In the living room.
    LESLIE: Man, this was a big disaster.
    TOM: Yeah, it was. You know in an area that’s a little more obvious like that, you could do an inset carpet that was a different type of carpet and kind of creating a pattern this way. You could use carpet tile or you could simply use a throw rug, frankly, just to cover it.
    JANINE: Well, thank you so much.
    TOM: You’re welcome. Thanks so much for calling us at 888-MONEY-PIT.

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