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Get Rid of Urine Smell in Carpet

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    LESLIE: Tom in Texas has some unwanted scents in the home. What happened? Tell us about it.

    TOM IN TEXAS: Well, I have a urine smell in my bedroom.

    LESLIE: Do you have carpeting in there? Is there a pet?

    TOM IN TEXAS: No, I don’t think … actually, I don’t think it’s from that.

    TOM: We need to know no further information, OK, Tom? (laughing)

    LESLIE: Well, there’s actually a great product that’s made specifically for pet problems related to the same situation. And it’s called 1-2-3 Odor Free. And it’s a series of different products that you use in a proper order and the instructions will tell you how to do it. But it attacks the bacteria that causes the odor and forces those odors away. And if you go to JustRite – R-i-t-e – JustRite.com, you can order the kit there. It’s about 40 bucks and it really does work.

    TOM IN TEXAS: Well, now, tell me. Does that work on the wall also?

    LESLIE: Well, I’ve used it for wood flooring and I’ve used it for carpeting. So I imagine anywhere where it has an opportunity to attack the bacteria, it should work.

    TOM IN TEXAS: Well, because I’m convinced it’s not in the carpeting. It’s not in the carpeting. It’s kind of osmosed into the wall or something. I just don’t quite understand. But …

    LESLIE: It’s worth a shot. It does work. Because we had a puppy who would get herself stuck upstairs and you know, she couldn’t use the steps yet; she was too tiny. And she had a lot of accidents on the upper landing. And we have made that smell go completely away.

    TOM: Tom, thanks so much for calling us at 1-888-MONEY-PIT.

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