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    LESLIE:  Rick in Tennessee is dealing with a moisture problem.  How can we help?

    RICK:  I’ve got a finished out garage.  It’s enclosed and it’s finished out.  OK, my concrete, it looks like it’s got a finish or, you know, a shine to it.  What we’d like to do is convert the floor to black-and-white check.

    TOM:  OK.

    RICK:  Some of the neighbors tried this and it popped up.  It did not stay on the floor.  What can we do to make sure if we stripe the floor and paint it black and white – how can we keep the paint staying on the floor?

    TOM:  OK.  Well, first of all, probably the best paint is an epoxy paint for the floor and to use an epoxy paint you have to do an acid wash first.  Now, a lot of the epoxy paint manufacturers, when you buy the kits – you know QUIKRETE makes one, Rust-Oleum makes one – there is a wash, that’s in that kit, that you mix up and you use that to acid-wash the floor; make it ready to take the paint.

    RICK:  OK.

    TOM:  So doing this check pattern, though, it’s going to be an awful lot of work.  You’re going to have to do this very, very carefully because you’re only going to be able to do, obviously, one color at a time.  You’re going to have to wait a number of days for it to dry, remask it and do the other color.  But the key here is to use epoxy paint. 

    Now the other thing that you could do is there are various garage floor systems out there.  I think Gladiator makes one.  I know that Craftsman has one that looks like an interlocking tile that will give you that checkerboard look.  So you don’t have to do it with paint.  There are after-market systems that will do this as well.

    RICK:  OK, OK.  Alright.  Is – the interlock system; is that something that really – I mean you run a car over it, it holds up well?

    TOM:  (overlapping voices) Oh, yeah.  These are designed for that.  Yep, super-strong.

    LESLIE:  (overlapping voices) Oh, yeah, they’re made for that. 

    RICK:  Oh, OK, OK.  Well, that’s what I need to know.  I appreciate it.  Thank you so much.

    TOM:  You are very welcome, Rick.  Thanks so much for calling us at 888-MONEY-PIT. 

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