FrogTape Multi-Surface Painter’s Tape Creates Clean Lines for Painting

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    Summary: Tom Kraeutler and Leslie Segrete from The Money Pit demo FrogTape Multi-Surface Painter’s Tape, which makes it possible to achieve crisp, clean, professional paint lines with every DIY painting project.

    LESLIE: Hi. I’m Leslie Segrete.

    TOM: I’m Tom Kraeutler from The Money Pit. When you start a painting project, you don’t want to end with blurry lines when paint leaks under your marking tape. FrogTape Multi-Surface Painter’s Tape eliminates that risk and helps you achieve crisp clean lines and professional results.

    LESLIE: That’s right, FrogTape’s exclusive paint block technology is the key to great painting results. It’s a super absorbent polymer that reacts with the latex paint and instantly gels to form a micro barrier sealing the edges of the tape to prevent that paint bleed. That means you can get professional looking finish and spend less time on touch ups.

    TOM: Let me show you how that works. We put some of the paint blocker in this cup, it’s like a powder and when we add water, it takes only a couple of seconds and what happens is it totally gels. Inside the tape itself, that basically seals up all the extra paint and eliminates that blurry line situation.

    LESLIE: FrogTape’s Medium Adhesion Multi-Surface is perfect for cured painted walls with trim glass and metal. It’s also ideal for creating patterns and designs on your walls.

    TOM: You can find FrogTape Multi-Surface at Home Depot, Walmart, Lowe’s, Sherwin Williams and other paint and hardware stores or learn more at

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