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Frame a Mirror Without Taking It Down

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    LESLIE: Melissa in Tennessee is doing some decorating. How can we help you with that fun job?

    MELISSA: We got a new sink top for my vanity. My vanity is 60 inches long.

    TOM: OK.

    MELISSA: And it has one sink. If you’re facing the vanity, it is on the right-hand side. And I had a mirror that was on the wall. It’s one of those – you just – a mirror only and it was screwed into the wall, OK?

    TOM: OK. Mm-hmm.

    MELISSA: So, I’ve been having the hardest time. What I’ve wanted to do is take that mirror down and get a framed mirror that’s really pretty.


    MELISSA: But I can’t find that size anywhere.

    LESLIE: Now …

    TOM: Yeah, well you’re probably going to have to make it.

    LESLIE: Yeah. And here’s the other thing that you could do. Is the mirror in good condition and if you could add a frame to it and make it work, would that be a solution? Or is it just a weird size or it’s destroyed and you just have to take it down and replace?

    MELISSA: Yeah. The mirror is just fine.


    MELISSA: My only dilemma is where the screw is, there’s a washer in the screw and it’s sort of raised.


    MELISSA: So in order to get a piece of 4-inch trim on there, it wouldn’t be (audio gap) against it.

    LESLIE: Well …

    TOM: Yeah but you can carve that out.

    LESLIE: But there is actually one other option. Since your mirror is in good shape and it’s really an odd size, so why pay to replace the mirror if it’s in a good condition? There’s something from Moen; I’m sure you’re familiar with the company. It’s called Mirrorscapes and it’s basically sort of a flat piece that you put onto your mirror with adhesive and then this decorative panel sort of snaps on top of that.

    And it could be fluted molding, it could be more simple, it could have corner rosettes; I mean you really have a lot of options. You don’t have to miter it; it really just sort of snaps into place.

    And I used it for a client of mine in Manhattan who had this, you know, wall-to-wall, gigantic mirror that was just plain and boring, on a wall above a Jacuzzi tub. And this really was the best solution and probably the most affordable solution. I’m not going to lie, it’s not the least expensive thing but it really is a viable solution when you’re stuck with something that could be way more if you were to, say, go to a frame shop, pick out a molding, have them create a mirror for you. This really is a viable solution.

    MELISSA: Well that sounds great. I’ve never heard of that. So, it’s a Moen?

    LESLIE: Moen Mirrorscapes. And if you go to Moen.com/Mirrorscapes, it takes you right there. But I’m sure if you go to their page and search it, you’ll find it, no problem.

    MELISSA: OK. Well, that is great news. I’m glad because I’ve really had a hard time finding a solution.

    LESLIE: Well, good. And this is something you can do yourself, so it’s really an easy fix.

    MELISSA: Great.

    TOM: Alright. Well, good luck with that project. Thanks so much for calling us at 888-MONEY-PIT.

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