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Flooring Options: Countertops for Floors

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    LESLIE: Stephanie in Hawaii, you’ve got The Money Pit. How can we help you today?

    STEPHANIE: Yes, I’m interested in PaperStone countertop. 

    TOM: (overlapping voices) Yep. Yeah.

    STEPHANIE: And I was going to pour a cement floor from my inside to the outside on the porches all through it and paint it and make it into an art project with all kinds of stains and painting into the cement.

    LESLIE: That sounds beautiful.

    STEPHANIE: So then I thought about your stone thing and I thought, “Well, maybe it’s better than the cement for floors”

    LESLIE: Well, PaperStone is made of recycled cardboard and I mean it’s processed in a way – it’s very environmentally friendly and it’s very hard and it’s super durable and it ends up being like a 3/4, a 1-inch or an 1-1/4-thick sheet that’s then like 4×8. I’ve heard of it being used mostly for countertops or partitions or windowsills; even paneling or chair rail embellishment. I’ve never heard of it as an application for a large-scale floor but I mean it is water-resistant, it’s fire-rated, it’s anti-scratch. I mean the thing is very, very, very durable. So I can’t imagine why you wouldn’t be able to cut it up and use it in a floor application.

    TOM: Yeah. Although I don’t think that that’s what it’s generally intended for. 

    LESLIE: It’s not.

    TOM: You mentioned that you wanted to paint your floor. What you might want to think about, since this is new concrete, is you could dye the concrete or you could stain the concrete. And you can get a lot of very, very attractive colors and patterns. In fact, there’s a website called ConcreteNetwork.com. It’s got a lot of good articles about how to dye concrete and how to stain it; how to get different sorts of effects. You might want to take a look at that as well.

    LESLIE: And you know what, Stephanie? If you want some more information on the PaperStone, their website is PaperStone Products.com.

    TOM: Stephanie, good luck with that project. 

    STEPHANIE: Yeah, it should be intense. (chuckles)

    TOM: Alright, thanks so much for calling us at 1-888-MONEY-PIT; your source for the solution to intense home improvement projects.

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