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Fixing a Noisy Sump Pump

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    LESLIE: Alright. Now we’re heading out to Montana where William is dealing with a sump-pump issue. What’s going on?

    WILLIAM: Hey, I’m having a great time. I bought this house and there’s already – had it in the system. And what’s happening is it – it’s got a ¾ bath. It’s installed low level in my septic tank in the basement. Now, from time to time, as it gets to the – it’ll go through a cycle. But once the water is – or the waste is pumped out, it doesn’t stop pumping. It rattles, it makes all kinds of noise in the floor.

    TOM: So it doesn’t shut off after the water is evacuated out of the sump? Is that what you’re saying?

    WILLIAM: Right. Actually, the water is already evacuated out of the sump. It’s still pumping; it’s still rattling or whatever (inaudible at 0:31:47). Now, I go down and I hit the – I tap the (inaudible at 0:31:51) housing and it seems to resolve the issue temporarily.

    TOM: Is it float-actuated? Is there a float that comes up to turn the pump on?

    WILLIAM: I believe it is float-actuated because there is a string going up into the – into a cap on top of the 4-inch or 6-inch PVC, out of the floor. It’s a cement basement, so I can’t – all I see is a cap.

    TOM: Well, look, the pump – you know the pump is supposed to work when the water is going – it usually runs for a second or two and then shuts off. If it’s getting stuck in the “on” position, the pump’s going to burn out. So if it’s float-actuated and you can get it open and take a look at it and look at the float and see if it’s getting hung up and that’s repairable, then fix it. But if it’s not, you’re going to have to replace the pump.

    WILLIAM: And how would I know – how would I spot that?

    TOM: You’ll see the linkage. You’ll be able to lift the linkage up and down and turn the pump on and off. You’ll be able to see it. And if it’s hung up some way because maybe the hardware is bent or not attached properly or it’s getting hung up on the side of the – if it’s rubbing against the side of the hole or something – if you can adjust it, then problem solved.

    William, thanks so much for calling us at 888-MONEY-PIT.

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