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    LESLIE: Alright, next up we’ve got George who’s dealing with an issue with some toilet tanks. What’s going on?

    GEORGE: Yes, again, we have two Kohler toilets purchased at the same time, installed at the same time – about 10 years ago – and they’re the Pressure Clean type models. One of the tanks doesn’t have any water after flushing and remains that way. The other tank, it can go two-thirds or three-quarters up and my wife has to siphon out some water. Just need to know which should it be. They both are operational.
    TOM: Well, and are they both identical in terms of the flushing mechanism; it’s just that one seems to have water in it and one doesn’t?
    GEORGE: They’re the same models.
    TOM: Hmm. Do you know what the model is? Because Kohler has a whole bunch of pressure-assisted, high-efficiency flushing systems. The old one was called Pressure Lite. Does it have like sort of a black box inside of it?
    GEORGE: It seems to be. There’s like a cylinder.
    TOM: Yeah. Well, I think that that’s what’s called the pressure-assisted Pressure Lite model and I do not believe that you should be seeing water with that.
    GEORGE: Right.
    TOM: But I have to tell you that it’s probably an antiquated system, at this point in time.
    GEORGE: Yes.
    TOM: So it might be time for you to think about a new toilet.
    GEORGE: Really?
    TOM: Yeah. You probably still can get parts for it. I’ll tell you what, if you go to the Kohler website at Kohler.com and simply search on high-efficiency flushing systems, you will find a page that lays out all of the different types of high-efficiency flushing systems that they offer, including the older ones.

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