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Fix Creaks in Shower

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    LESLIE: Martin in New Hampshire is having some issues with a shower. Tell us what’s going on? 
    MARTIN: Yeah, I have a fiberglass shower enclosure that – well, the house is ten years old but – so when I’m in there taking a shower, the floor kind of creaks and I’m just wondering if there’s something loose or how that occurred and how I can fix that. 
    LESLIE: And the creaking on the shower pan, is this something new or have you always sort of sensed movement since you’ve been in the house? 
    MARTIN: Well, I’ve been living with it for a while. 
    LESLIE: (chuckles) Yeah. Because generally, with the shower pans, usually there’s a concrete base underneath and some people will just put the shower pan on top once it’s hardened and secured and other people will, as the concrete is sort of drying, sort of press the pan into it so it takes the shape underneath and really adheres the pan to the concrete base. So, it could be that yours was sort of not adhered correctly to the base underneath and is now … 
    TOM: Or just dropped on top. 
    LESLIE: Yeah, or just sitting on top and now you’re just getting some movement because of the age. 
    TOM: But I tell you that eventually, with all this creaking, sometimes the fiberglass will crack. And if that happens, your options would be either to replace the pan or you could do a temporary fix with a fiberglass repair kit like a Bondo kit; the kind that you would get … 
    LESLIE: Mm-hmm, from an auto repair shop. 
    TOM: Mm-hmm, exactly.  
    MARTIN: So is there any way I could get underneath there from the inlet end where the water comes in, from that end, and I don’t know, try to get some adhesive in or something? 
    LESLIE: (overlapping voices) Something to glue it back down? No. 
    TOM: No. I mean even if you had access underneath that – I mean even if you used something like an expanding polyurethane foam, it may just expand so much that it cracks the pan and that would be, of course, not what you’re trying to do. 
    MARTIN: Oh, OK. Alright. So you’re saying I probably have to take the whole exposure (ph) out and start over? 
    TOM: Well, if it – you know if it cracked, that would be your option. At this point, I would just leave it. 
    MARTIN: OK. Sounds awesome. 
    TOM: (chuckles) Alright. 
    MARTIN: Alright. Sounds good. 

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