Finish Painting Projects Perfectly with eXact Color Caulk

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    Summary: Tom Kraeutler from The Money Pit demos eXact Color Caulk. Whether you’re sprucing up rooms for holiday guests or refreshing a space with the latest shade, give your project a perfectly matched finish with eXact Color Caulk. Designed to be mixed with whatever paint color you’re working with, eXact Color Caulk provides long-lasting sealing that allows you to paint first, then caulk.

    TOM: Hey, it’s home improvement expert Tom Krauetler from The Money Pit. If you’ve ever tackled a painting project, you know that one of the final steps is to caulk all of those joints and seams so you end up with a nice, neat finished product. But with caulk available in only a limited number of colors, that is not always easy to do.

    eXact Color Caulk is a neat solution. It will deliver a perfectly matched finish every single time. Let me show you how it works. So the caulk starts in this tube just like this, and it’s sort of in a liquid state, so it’s not thick. And then what you do is you take this syringe and you draw off any color paint you want to mix it with, and you add it to the caulk tube. And then the last step is to add the activator.

    Once you mix the activator, the paint, and the caulk together, it totally gels, and it becomes a very nice, long-lasting, high-performance caulk. And by mixing the eXact Color Caulk with whatever paint color you’re using, you’re going to get a long-lasting seal that matches your project precisely every single time.

    eXact Color Caulk delivers a super elastic sealing that’s not going to crack or pull away from seams or trim, windows, doors, or even siding. It’s perfect for rounded or accent walls, and it makes for a great quick fix when paint bleeds through the painters tape. It can also be mixed with latex, wood stains, and metallics, and it dries to a flexible finish that sticks and stretches and stays.

    You can find eXact Color Caulk at Ace, True Value, and other independent hardware stores, as well as Learn more at

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