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Find Replacement Tape for Faux Leaded Windows

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    LESLIE: Lisa in Virginia, you’re next. What can we do for you?

    LISA: Hi. We live in a Tudor style townhouse and it’s part of an overall community that has very specific styling to it. And we have this tape on our windows that’s cross-hatched all over.

    TOM: OK. You mean to give it the appearance of sort of divided glass? (baby sounds)

    LISA: Yes, exactly.

    TOM: And you have a baby, too. (chuckling)

    LISA: Yes, I do. I’m feeding him right now. Actually, the problem is that our homeowners association has cited us and actually several others in the community because the tape is melting away a little bit and it’s peeling away and they want us to replace it. But we can’t find it at our standard Home Depot or Lowe’s or …

    TOM: Is this – is this tape that’s creating the divided glass effect in between panes of the glass?

    LISA: No, it’s not. It’s actually on the exterior of the glass.

    TOM: It’s on the exterior? Wow.

    LESLIE: On the exterior? Because I’ve done – when I’ve tried to make, you know, for a theatrical project or for any sort of, you know, home design project where you’re trying to make something look like leaded glass or stained glass …

    LISA: Right.

    LESLIE: … there’s something called liquid leading and then there’s also leading tape.

    LISA: Right. They want us to – it’s basically leading tape but we can’t find it. And the homeowners association isn’t even giving us any information on it. They said that they don’t have (inaudible) …

    LESLIE: I had gotten mine – we have a major art store here called Pearl Arts and Crafts, which is a huge art center in the New York area. I don’t know if you have one in Virginia. There might be one in the D.C. area. But that’s where I usually have gotten mine from.

    LISA: OK.

    TOM: Yeah, you’re not going to find that at your average hardware store or home center. That’s kind of like more of …

    LESLIE: It’s going to be more of like an arts and crafts store. And it’s very pricey.

    TOM: Yeah, or an online store.

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