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Find Replacement Parts for Old Windows

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    LESLIE: Dan, welcome to The Money Pit. How can we help you today?

    DAN: I’ve got a little problem. I have a front window. I think they call it a bay window. It’s actually five separate windows that have crank handles and then like a lock on the top and a lock on the bottom to keep them airtight. And what’s happened, I broke one of the locks on the bottom. It’s actually – looks like a hook almost and it sits in a piece of plastic. It pivots in a piece of plastic. And the plastic broke so I don’t really have an airtight seal on one of the windows…

    TOM: Right.

    DAN: … and it doesn’t have any markings on it. I was wondering if there’s someplace I can go online to kind of look for a product like this that I can replace it.

    TOM: You’re probably going to be better off going to a local window contractor or someone who does glazing repair because chances are that it’s going to be a specialized product and something they may have in stock…

    DAN: Right, right.

    TOM: … but something that would be rather difficult for you to find. It’s very difficult to find repair parts for old windows. It’s not something that’s very common. But I find that the glazers – these are folks that replace, for example, thermal pane windows that have failed …

    DAN: Right, right.

    TOM: … and they don’t want to replace the whole window. Very often they’ve run across this before and have a solution for it or have the actual part in their arsenal of products.

    DAN: Oh, great, great.

    TOM: And I think you’ll find that’s going to be much more successful.

    DAN: Thanks very much. I appreciate your help.

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