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Energy Star Rating: Compare Air Conditioner Brands

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    LESLIE: Diane in Arizona needs some help with air conditioning and being in Arizona, you’re going to need some air conditioning. How can we help you?

    DIANE: I had a settlement with the insurance company, because we had a storm here and I got – my air conditioner got damaged and it was 10 years old. And it’s a central air. I have electric for air conditioning and for heat, we have gas. And when – I do not have a computer, so I hear about different units like York, Goodman, Trane, a Lennox. I don’t know which ones are good, which ones are bad, which ones last longer.

    TOM: First of all, are you only replacing the outside condensing unit or you’re also replacing the furnace and the air handler or any of the inside parts?

    DIANE: Everything.

    TOM: Everything. OK. Because it’s important for maximum efficiency that what you put outside matches what you put inside the house. Because they have to work together or you don’t get the same efficiency.

    I think that Trane is a very good brand to start with – T-r-a-n-e. It’s a good-quality product. Lots of great options and very energy-efficient.

    It’s going to be real important, Diane, that you choose one that is Energy Star-rated. I’m sure they all are with Trane but even if you go with a different brand, if you compare Energy Star-rated units against other Energy Star-rated units, at last you have a basis for comparison. At least you know that you’re getting the same level of energy efficiency.

    But Trane is a good place to start and now is a great time to get this project done before it gets too hot.

    DIANE: That’s wonderful to know, because there’s a lot out there.

    TOM: Alright. Good luck with that project. Thanks so much for calling us at 888-MONEY-PIT.

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