Emergency Generators for Power Outages

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    Summary: Learn how to use a generator to power your entire home in the event of a power outage or blackout. Find out how a gas generator works.

    TOM: Today, we’re going to show you about a system that once installed could replace all the electricity to your house in the event of a total blackout, so come with me.

    You’ve seen them a hundred times when the power goes out. The small gasoline powered generators that can only carry one or two appliances. There’s another kind of generator that will power your whole house.

    With us to talk about that is Bob Turner, the local electrician. Bob, you just installed this whole house generator. What is it and how does it work?

    BOB: It works automatically. When your power goes out there’s a transfer switch in the basement that tells it there’s no power. In eight seconds this will be full powered up and your entire house could be activated within the eight seconds.

    TOM: Within eight seconds, we’ll have power and we don’t need gasoline for this?

    BOB: No, this will run on natural gas or propane gas. It will run forever.

    TOM: Wow eight seconds, natural gas, runs forever. The transfer switch is what makes it happen. Would you show that to me?

    BOB: I’d be happy to.

    TOM: Now this is the panel that controls this home right now. Bob, when you installed the generator you put this panel in and it looks a lot like it, is it the same?

    BOB: No it’s not. It has a transfer switch in there that automatically goes on when your power goes off.

    TOM: This panel controls the house but when the main power goes off, this comes on and is run off the generator and allows us to repower this entire house?

    BOB: Exactly.

    TOM: Now, is there a different size generator for different size homes?

    BOB: Yes there is. They start from small, or medium, or larger homes.

    TOM: You get the right size generator and make sure that you won’t get left in the dark.

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