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    LESLIE: Debbie in Rhode Island needs some help keeping unwanted visitors out of a rental property and we’re not talking people here; we’re talking ants. Welcome, Debbie.

    DEBBIE: Hi, we’re just curious. We’re big, huge fans of While You Were Out …
    LESLIE: Thanks.
    DEBBIE: … and we have – we’re renting a basement apartment and we’re getting some huge black ants in our house. We’ve had a lot of rain lately and we are spraying like the foundation [around side] (ph) but we’re not sure what else we could be doing to get rid of the ants.
    TOM: There’s a product called Termidor – T-e-r-m-i-d-o-r – that works really well for ants.
    DEBBIE: (overlapping voices) OK.
    TOM: It’s something that has to be professionally applied. It’s definitely it’s not a do-it-yourself product. But the way it works is it’s an undetectable bait, so the ants don’t actually know that they’re going through this stuff. They get it on their bodies, they take it back to the nest and they pass it from insect to insect and it completely wipes out the nest. It’s a much more effective way of controlling both ants and termites – there’s an application for termites as well – than any of the over-counter products which, typically, people end up over-spraying, over-applying and that could be very unsafe. So I would call a pest control operator, a pest control company and have them apply Termidor to take care of that carpenter ant problem once and for all because they can do quite a bit of wood damage and they could cause structural problems in the future.
    DEBBIE: [OK, thank you.] (ph)
    TOM: Debbie, thanks so much for calling us at 1-888-MONEY-PIT.

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