Electric Air Cleaners

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    LESLIE: Catherine in Virginia has some odd things flying out of the vents in her home. Tell us about what you’re seeing? You’re saying it’s like fiberglass?

    CATHERINE: Well, when it touches your skin – if I go to dust the furniture or sit down on a soft piece of furniture that’s fabric and you can’t see the particles, when you touch your skin it gives a sensation of fiberglass insulation.
    TOM: Hmm.
    CATHERINE: It kind of burns and then there’s this tiny, tiny, white particle that actually burrows into the skin and I can’t get it out and it’s (inaudible at 0:11:39.5).
    TOM: And you think that that’s coming from the ceiling vents?
    CATHERINE: Well, I’ve never noticed it before until I went to change my vents about three months ago.
    TOM: And what kind of filters do you have in the system, Catherine?
    CATHERINE: Well, actually, I don’t know. It was just the kind I get from Lowe’s.
    TOM: Well, is it the kind that’s about an inch thick and as wide as the register itself?
    CATHERINE: Yes, sir. It’s 20x20x1.
    TOM: Yeah, those are the fiberglass filters. You know, you would be better off using an electronic air cleaner in that house and that’s an appliance that’s actually installed at the return duct. Very, very efficient; it takes out down to virus-sized particles and it will definitely scrub that air from whatever ails it.
    CATHERINE: Oh, like …
    TOM: Those big, fiberglass filters; you know, we call them pebble stops. (chuckles)
    LESLIE: Pebble stoppers. (chuckles)
    CATHERINE: OK. Because I even got the real expensive kind.
    TOM: Yeah, well that’s better than the inexpensive kind but an electronic air cleaner would be far more effective here for you. You’ll see a big difference.
    CATHERINE: Is that something I can do on my own?
    TOM: No, you’ll have to have an HVAC contractor install it but once you do, you’ll see an immediate difference in the air quality in your house.
    CATHERINE: That sounds great. Thank you so much and I’m a big fan.
    TOM: (overlapping voices) You’re welcome. Good luck. Oh, thank you so much.

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