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Easy Maintenance on Composite Decking

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    LESLIE: John in New York is working on a decking project. How can we help you?

    JOHN: I am currently – I have my deck framed out and I’m ready to put the finished product on top.


    JOHN: I live on Long Island and, weather being a factor, I’d like to know what is the best decking that I should go with. I’m pondering a composite deck, TimberTech; either a treated wood or like a mahogany-type wood. My wife and I like the natural wood look but we don’t want to go too crazy with the maintenance on it.

    TOM: Well, certainly, if you choose a natural product you are going to have to maintain it; perhaps not every season but definitely …

    LESLIE: But every other season.

    TOM: Definitely every other season. But coincidentally, Leslie also lives on Long Island and …

    LESLIE: I do.

    TOM: … and you actually put in a new composite deck. You put in the Fiberon product. How’s it working out for you?

    LESLIE: We did, John. My family has a house out on the east end of the island, on the north fork; so it gets a lot of snow and rain and moisture and saltwater in the air and we’re dealing with, you know, a climate that sort of changes seasonally – you know, one extreme to the other. And we had had a pressure-treated lumber decking surface there for 20 years. Every other year it was my job to strip it, sand it down, restain it; you know, do all of that maintenance.

    Well, when time came to spruce it up we went with a composite and we chose Fiberon and the reason I went with Fiberon is because we also love the look of mahogany and they had a composite that looks beautifully like mahogany. There’s a wonderful grain built into it so it has that richness and the texture that the natural mahogany would have and it doesn’t need any maintenance except the occasional just light cleaning to get any sort of moisture buildup or dirt that might be on there from a season’s worth of falling leaves and just walking across it.

    It looks fantastic. We’ve had it one season. It looks exactly the same as it went down. There is never going to be any warping or twisting, so it really is a beautiful product that’s worth the expense because it will save you the chore of taking care of it and all of that work that you would need to do annually or every other year to make sure that that wood deck stays in excellent condition. And it really will last and last; you know, given the climate that we face on the island.

    TOM: Yeah, the website is FiberonDecking.com. That’s FiberonDecking.com. Check it out.

    JOHN: … Decking.com. OK. I appreciate your help very much. You’ve been very informative. Thank you.

    TOM: You’re welcome, John. Thanks so much for calling us at 888-MONEY-PIT.

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