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    Summary: Tom Kraeutler from The Money Pit demos DuPont’s new Stone Care products, which seal and protect natural stone surfaces like granite and marble.

    TOM: Most people don’t realize that natural stone calls for special care, just like the leather or wood around our homes.

    Hi, I’m Tom Kraeutler with a great way to care for your granite and marble countertops. It’s DuPont’s granite and marble countertop cleaner and protector, a two-in-one treatment for natural stone surfaces.

    Now once your countertop is sealed to protect it from water, cooking oil and other liquids, this unique formula let you wipe up spills while reinforcing the seal on the stone surface.

    Let me show you how it works. Take a look at this slab right here. We spilled a bit of olive oil on it and guess what? It totally soaked in.

    Now, this particular piece of natural stone has actually been sealed and protected with the DuPont products. We’re going to add a bit of olive oil to it here and you can see that it’s piling up on the surface.

    Then we’re going to use a DuPont cleaner and protector. We’re going to be able to wipe this right away without having any of it soak into the stone surface.

    It’s an easy way to take care of your countertops every single day. It’s safe and effective for daily use on granite, marble, limestone, travertine, slate, and sandstone.

    You can look for DuPont Granite and Marble and Countertop Cleaner and Protector and other DuPont stone care products at home improvement retailers like Lowe’s and Floor and Decor or find them online at dupont.com.

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