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Ductwork Repair

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    LESLIE: Now we have a call from Robin in Arkansas.

    Robin, how can we help you?

    ROBIN: Yes, ma’am. Actually, I just wanted to let y’all know my husband listens to you guys all the time and he absolutely loves your show.

    LESLIE: Great, thank you.

    ROBIN: But we’re needing to repair the ductwork underneath. What would be the most cost-efficient way of doing this?

    TOM: Well I would stop trying to repair them and think about replacing them because every time you have a hole in a duct, it makes it that much more inefficient. And if you’ve got loose ducts, disconnected ducts, ducts with holes in them and ducts where you’re using tape to keep them in place, it really is a good time to replace them.

    LESLIE: And isn’t it true that duct tape isn’t actually meant to be used on ducts?

    TOM: That’s correct. Duct tape is not designed for ducts. Do you know why duct tape’s not designed for ducts?

    LESLIE: I don’t know why.

    TOM: The adhesive on it dries out soon as the duct gets warm and it falls off. Yeah, there’s a type of duct tape that is designed for ducts and it’s known by its UL code name which is UL 181. It’s like a silver-faced tape with a peel-off back and then you really rub it down to the duct and it really sticks. But regular duct tape has different purposes. Duct tape already refers to duct cloth, if you think about it. It was originally designed for repairing tents.

    LESLIE: You’re chock full of answers, Tom.

    TOM: I am. I’m like the useless – I’m the king of useless knowledge.

    ROBIN: No doubt. Well I appreciate you guys.

    TOM: Well you’ve very welcome, Robin. Thanks so much for calling us at 1-888-MONEY-PIT.

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