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Don’t Adhere Ceramic Tile to Paneling

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    LESLIE: Sarah in Washington, you listen on KSBN. And what can we do for you today at The Money Pit?

    SARAH: OK. I have old wood paneling in my house which was built around 1966.

    TOM: OK.

    SARAH: And it’s a split-entry type home. The wood paneling was – is in the entry way. Could I have tile placed over the wood paneling or something?

    TOM: Ceramic tile?

    SARAH: Any type.

    TOM: On the walls?

    SARAH: Yeah, on the wood.

    TOM: I don’t think so because, you know, any tile surface needs a really solid backing. That’s definitely not paneling.

    LESLIE: Well, and especially on paneling. You’re dealing with ridges, so you have areas that are higher than others and areas that are lower than others. So you’re giving an uneven base for the tile to go on; which, if there’s any movement – and there’s bound to be – you’re going to find the tile could crack, the grout could crack. And I just think it’s not going to hold it; especially if that paneling has been there so long.

    SARAH: OK, could I do anything over it?

    TOM: Oh, sure. You know, generally speaking, with paneling, you can paint it or you could remove it. And sometimes removing the paneling is not that big of a deal and then you’ll have the wall to deal with underneath. Or you could go right on top of it. You could put a thin layer of new drywall on top of. Use, instead of half-inch drywall, quarter-inch or three-eights-inch thick drywall and sandwich it on top of that. That’ll give you a clean, brand new surface and then you can do any type of finish to that drywall that you like.

    SARAH: OK, thank you.

    TOM: You’re very welcome. Thanks so much for calling us at 888-MONEY-PIT. 888-666-3974.

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